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"; "We travelled from Rome to Naples by bus"; "The policemen went from door to door in search of the suspect"; "The troopers moved to town in an make an effort to get it in advance of night fell"; "news travelled rapidly"

This construction implies that a row might have repeating data, commonly in the child data segments. Info are saved in sequence of physical information.

On the other hand, while in the Winter season, with really short times and most people couping up indoors, vitamin D results in being scarce. Exploration displays that much too minor vitamin D brings about premature getting older, low bone density and doable even cardiovascular disease! Coming into a tanning salon provides you with that Increase of UV that your skin should start out making vitamin D. Preserve this in mind in the course of Those people frigid winter times!

division, segment, part - among the parts into which anything is considered to be divided and which collectively constitute an entire; "the written Element of the exam"; "the finance segment of the organization"; "the BBC's engineering division"

→ bei dieser Arbeit muss gentleman ja zum Trinker werden!; the conversation turned to the accident → das Gespräch kam auf den Unfall, person kam auf den Unfall zu sprechen

move, displace - result in to maneuver or shift right into a new place or area, each in a very concrete and in an summary feeling; "Transfer People packing containers to the corner, remember to"; "I am shifting my revenue to another bank"; "The director moved far more tasks on to his new assistant"

three. To get started on working or lead to to start out functioning: The car's motor turned in excess of. The starter couldn't transform the motor around.

periodic table - (chemistry) a tabular arrangement with the chemical components In line with atomic amount as based on the periodic regulation

= movement → Drehung f; 6 turns from the wheel → sechs article Umdrehungen des Rades; to present something a convert → etw drehen; give the take care of An additional switch → dreh den Griff noch einmal herum; accomplished to your change (Cook) → genau richtig

away from the correct get. in verkeerde volgorde خارِج عن الترتيب الصَّحيح в неправилен ред fora de ordem mimo pořadí außer der Reihe i tilfældig rækkefølge εκτός σειράς fuera de lugar; fuera de orden väljaspool järjekorda بطور غیر مرتب toisen vuorolla mal à propos לא עַל פִּי הַתוֹר क्रम से इतर izvan redosljeda soron kívül tidak berurutan á röngum tíma, ekki í réttri röð a sproposito 順番を狂わせて 순서 없이, 순서가 뒤바뀌어 ne iš eilės, ne pagal nustatytą tvarką ārpus kārtas tdk mengikut urutan voor zijn beurt utenfor tur poza kolejnością په غیر مرتب ډول fora de ordem în afara unei ordini stabilite вне очереди mimo poradia mimo vrste van reda när gentleman inte står i tur ไม่ใช่ช่วงเวลาเหมาะสม sıra dışı 沒有按照順序 поза чергою ترتيب سے خارج không theo thứ tự 没有按照顺序

2. At an inappropriate time or in an inappropriate way: The coed was reprimanded for speaking away from convert.

appeal, invoke - request earnestly (a this hyperlink little something from any individual); ask for aid or safety; "appeal to somebody for assistance"; "Invoke God in occasions of problems"

In June 1935, manufacturing plans for that plane ended up proposed; two weeks afterwards a production specification, Specification File.14/35, were fast drawn up; this were partly prompted by functions in continental Europe, like the invasion of Abyssinia by Fascist Italy along with the Related Site rise from the Adolf Hitler to electricity in Germany, in reaction to which the British government mandated an urgent growth in the RAF to counter see the emerging threats.

The Gladiator was being the final British biplane fighter to become created, and the very first to characteristic an enclosed cockpit. It possessed click to investigate a top rated speed of about 257 mph (414 km/h; 223 kn) but, whilst the Gladiator was launched, it absolutely was previously remaining eclipsed by new-era monoplane fighters, such as the RAF Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire, as well as the Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Bf 109.

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